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Tara studied all forms of media art and history at Emerson College and was part of their graduating class of 2001. Tara started her course of study at Emerson College in Boston, where she participated in several short films and photography features.

During her second year, she studied at Emerson's Kasteel Well, The Netherlands. Her course study included touring Europe and visiting all major museums, the masters of art hometowns, and deep study into the history of arts and media. Her studies took her to Berlin, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, England, and Czechoslovakia. Tara returned to Los Angeles where she completed her Emerson experience at the Emerson, Burbank Annex. She completed her final internship at DreamWorks.

Tara first published a black and white series of photographs of the castle and its grounds at Kasteel Well. She pursued an acting career while she was working on her own paintings in 2002. Tara became a SAG member and was in commercials and movies with such great talents as Robert De Niro, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Samuel L. Jackson, and James Woods.

In 2009, Tara began her quest for truth in spirituality, retreating to Peru for a multi-week long excursion where she also photographed Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, and other sacred grounds for a book of the regions, capturing both its visual beauty and it's deeply rooted spiritual nature. (currently in preproduction).

Today Tara has a library of over 160 original paintings and over 3,000 mixed media pieces, including self-portraits. She also produced and acted in 3 short films "God Be the One", "Allison", and "Bite". Tara in 2010 began studying at the Stella Adler School in Hollywood, CA.

It was also during this time that Tara confirmed her evangelical Christian faith and also reconciled her beliefs in the Catholic Church, with a special admiration for Mother Mary.
  Tara was an avid reader of the Christian Bible as well as other profound spiritual writings. Her deep spiritual connection with God and the Universe can be explicitly seen in all of her works. She had daily spiritual devotions and carried her spiritual gifts such as prophecy, love and faith into all of her works.

Tara started her own cause for the safety of animals and for feeding our poor. The Tara Lynn De Rogatis Foundation has been founded on Tara's vision to bring awareness to her key causes: Domestic Violence & Victim's Rights, the rising of the standard of medical care including ending the epidemic of opiate and other prescription drug overdoses, and safety for animals and for the poor.

Tara Lynn De Rogatis was born in 1979 in Livingston, NJ and resided in Nutley, NJ until the age of 9 when she moved with her parents, Peter G. De Rogatis and Linda A. De Rogatis and her brother Peter J. De Rogatis to Pacific Palisades, CA. While residing in Pacific Palisades, CA Tara attending The Village School, Curtis, and Malibu High School where she was in the graduating class of 1998. Tara is of an Irish, Italian, Catholic/Protestant descent. Her very large extended family lives mostly on the East Coast.

During the last 5 years of Tara's life, Tara's fiancé David MacEachern supported Tara in the arts and in life and also played an instrumental part in helping Tara develop her latter portfolio of work.

Today Tara leaves behind a full body of artistic and spiritual expression in photography, paintings, multimedia art, and poetry. It has been found in Tara's journals that she found her destiny and purpose in using her artistic talents as a way to express her deeply rooted Christian spiritual beliefs.

I leave with you a quote from one of Tara's journals, "I would like to combine my spirituality with creativity… that would be nice."
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